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WCFM setup

WCFM Multi Vendor marketplace documentation has detailed tutorials, videos, step by step guidelines & support to ensure you run your marketplace with no difficulty!



  1. You need Bitcoin / AltCoin Payment Gateway for WooCommerce & Multivendor store / shop to activate this addons.



  • After purchase you will be automatically redirect to the addons server where you will be able to see the download option, if you don’t redirect somehow, in your email you will you have the links and auto generated credential to download the pro addons. It should looks as bellow




  • After download and install your item, you may want to get your license. Without license your pro addons will be work seamlessly. But to download automatically from your WP dashboard you need to verify your license. To generate your license you need to go to the ‘License’ menu under the ‘My Download’ menu. Generate your license and use it in your WP dashboard. See the following screenshot ..


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